Early Orthodontics

Getting your child started early on their orthodontic treatment ensures that they are set up for a healthy smile to last a lifetime. It’s a fact that straighter teeth produce a healthier smile, allowing the surfaces of each and every tooth to be easier to access and clean. It also allows flossing to be much easier, preventing the progression and development of gum disease. Palm Tree Dentistry is excited to help build a plan to bring your child a healthier smile. For residents in or around Lakeland, FL, use our online scheduling feature to book your child’s appointment today! 

Benefits of Early Orthodontics

Getting your child to an orthodontist at an early age can prevent complications from occurring later in life. With the use of our Panorex x-ray imaging and the examination of your child’s teeth, an orthodontist can detect problems developing below the gumline. When your child loses their baby teeth, orthodontic treatment may help create space for their permanent teeth to grow in. In addition, an orthodontist can help identify and treat problems resulting from thumb-sucking or excessive use of pacifiers. Overall, an orthodontist makes sure your child will have every chance to develop an ideal bite alignment that will enable their teeth to function properly throughout their life. 

Signs Your Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment

At our office, we have a team of experts that are skilled in recognizing signs to look out for to determine if orthodontic treatment is needed. We instruct parents to watch for early or late tooth loss as a sign of needing orthodontic care. This could lead to problems with your child’s primary teeth alignment, something that needs to be addressed quickly to avoid problems. You may also notice your child having difficulty with chewing their food. You can contact our office or schedule online to set up an appointment if you notice any of these signs or see your child developing crooked, misaligned, crowded, or gapped teeth. Our team will be happy to assist you and your child in planning the healthiest smile possible for their future! 

Providing Your Child With the Healthiest Smile

At Palm Tree Dentistry, we do whatever it takes to bring your child the healthiest smile. While most people think of treating problems like decay or gum disease, many don’t realize the importance of straightened teeth as well! Straighter teeth contribute to the health of your child by allowing their cleaning routine to be much easier and limiting the spaces that plaque and food debris may accumulate. Our team prioritizes your child’s health and keeps a focus on the big picture, which is making your child’s smile healthy. By providing solutions to straighter, well-developed teeth, your child is given a foundation for healthy teeth to last a lifetime. If you are located in or around Lakeland, FL, schedule your child an appointment online today!

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