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The Importance of Childhood Orthodontics

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Orthodontics for Your Child

When you bring your child to an orthodontist, you can rest assured that they’re getting the very best care! Our experts at our Brandon, FL office are able to identify problems that may be hard for parents to notice. Children may not even be aware of developing issues! By performing a thorough exam and x-ray, orthodontists make sure that children’s teeth and jaw are developing as they should and offer solutions to aid in their development if necessary. 

The Importance of Early Orthodontics

Beginning at age seven is an ideal time for children to begin seeing an orthodontic specialist. As children grow, their teeth and jawbones go through many changes. It is very important that these changes are closely monitored to ensure the overall health of your child’s mouth. As the position of teeth changes over time, orthodontists keep track of bite changes in order to determine whether or not treatment is necessary. 

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“Very professional office. The team treated us nicely and did not take long at all to get everything done. I highly recommend Palm Tree Dentistry.”

Tonya C.

“The doctor and the whole team are pretty amazing! The atmosphere is warm and inviting. The office is very clean. The team is so nice and professional as is the doctor.”

April G.

“Palm Tree Dentistry is the best place to bring your children for braces! Amazing customer service! Great team!”

Tangela M.
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